Why Acute Pain Is Powerful In Growing Your Business.

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The experience of pain is never something we like to go through. Yet, we all experience pain in various areas of our life.

So, how can you actually use pain, the right kind of pain, to experience personal growth in your personal and business life?

I always tell our clients that although pain is imminent, we also have the opportunity to choose acute pain, and avoid chronic pain.

Acute – acute pain is a pain or discomfort that is limited in the scope of time and severity.

Now, acute pain is the point of this newsletter, and we will discover how acute pain can help you avoid chronic pain.

Chronic- chronic pain is a pain or discomfort that denotes severity and in many cases, no opportunity to restore or overcome.

Allow me to share the power of acute pain, in both your personal and business life.

As a #smallbusinesscoach I work with sales professionals, CEO’s, and several politicians in the area of #growth and #leadership.

During one of our recent group calls we uncovered the power of acute pain or discomfort, and I want to share a portion of that with you today. As you may have just noticed, I mention pain and discomfort. The reason I redefined the word pain, to discomfort, is because we all have varying levels of pain threshold. And, sometimes it simply is discomfort that leads to great growth.

Samantha allowed me to share this story with you, and this example is how she has not only scaled her coaching business but also how she has found a new level of happiness in her own personal life.

Samantha had a somewhat successful coaching practice and had a team of sales pros, and other support coaches that served her clients. She hired us to help train her sales team in her hope that if we increased sales by 30-40% then she would hit her projections for the year.

She was looking for sales training and was shopping we would arm her team with some really powerful scripts and secrets on overcoming objections. What we actually helped her with more than just sales skills, was help her team leadership.

“Samantha, we have to get your team on the same page of thought, and we need to begin with daily meetings with the entire team”, was my first response.

Having daily meetings is crucial, especially with remote teams, and this is one area that Samantha had ignored for her team. Now, asking 7 people to rearrange their schedules and make this meeting a non-negotiable, brought a level of stress to Samantha. She found discomfort in having to change her schedule as well as discomfort in approaching the entire team. Now, for some people, this would hold little or no stress, yet for Samantha, it was very confrontational and she would rather ignore the pain.

“Samantha”, I shared, “what you are facing now is acute pain or discomfort. Yet, as your team is on the same page, you will see an immediate increase in revenue, and leadership tasks naturally become easier.”

Allowing acute pain will help you avoid chronic pain. Acute pain can actually help you achieve your goals and projections!

Samantha’s Acute Pain = Having to approach the team and have them commit to scheduling daily meetings where they are active and attentive.

Samantha’s Potential Chronic Pain = Without having the team form a culture and grow through the meetings, the potential for team members to underproduce and potentially even leave the organization – could cause the company to lose money or even go out of business.

As Samantha applied the principles of acute pain and chronic pain to practically every area of her life, we were also able to help her outside of her business.

“Wayne, the acute pain of exercise and fasting is working, and I am reducing the risk of chronic disease. The acute discomfort of making myself read and study is reducing the risk of losing my edge in business.”, she shared through tears on our last zoom call.

So, allow me to ask you – what discomfort, acute pain, are you avoiding that could lead to Chronic pain or failure in your business or other areas of your life?

  • Discomfort of sales training = lower sales and competition overtaking your business.
  • Discomfort of investing in coaching = leadership, and revenue decreases.
  • Discomfort of proper eating/exercise = sickness and even premature death.

Acute pain or discomfort is evident in almost every organization because it’s evident in every person’s life. Fortunately, chronic pain is all traceable to avoiding acute pain. So, you can now look at each area of your personal life, and your business, and audit where you can improve.

I invite you to look at ONE area in your life where you are possibly avoiding acute pain or discomfort. Whether it is in regard to your personal life or your business, it is important to carry out a comprehensive self-evaluation.

In the right circumstances, acute discomfort can be your greatest ally in living the life you were meant to live!

Do you need help with scaling your company? Do you need help with building and/or training your sales team? Simply send me a DM and I would be happy to connect and have a conversation.

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