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Wayne Sutton

“Your wealth will always be determined by your ability to persuade others.” – Wayne

Business owner, coach, and sales trainer to the top professionals in business today, Wayne Sutton is sought after for his unique and subtly charming persuasion and influence skills.

He coaches and trains his clients in the art of persuasion and sales, through the use of proven principles in the field of neuroscience and behavioral therapy. This proven system allows his clients to subtly and powerfully create physiological and psychological compliance… In other words, people naturally follow you and do more business with you. As stated above, your wealth will always be determined by your ability to persuade others.

Wayne reveals that as we learn to influence our own mindset and shift our own beliefs, it is then that we can easily influence and shift beliefs in other people. The ability to persuade on this level creates many possibilities for wealth as one impacts the world.


Are You Ready For More?

If you are in sales, marketing, or any type of leadership role, then I invite you to discover whatNeurological Based Persuasion™ coaching and mentorship might possibly do for you and your organization.

Weekly Free Training

Discover more about the power and potential with NeuroPersuasion™ as Wayne introduces you to the principles and skillsets in our weekly video series.

Private Coaching

This powerful hybrid model includes semi-private group coaching AND private coaching sessions with Wayne. Our most popular program.

The Inner Circle

Serious Applicants Only – Coach personally with Wayne in the depths ofNeuroPersuasion™ in private one-on-one sessions. Limited Availability

Do You Need To Persuade Others?

Are you in sales or marketing? Do you rely upon your ability to persuade others? We coach sales professionals, CEO’s, celebrities, and politicians that rely upon their ability to close sales and lead others! If you are ready to learn the secrets you could never find in a book from Amazon or watching a thousand videos on YouTube – you are at the right place!

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