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Exclusive Packages & Pricing

There are several unique and powerful ways to discover NeuroPersuasion™ and implement these strategies into your life. I invite you to ask yourself if you would enjoy group coaching, personal coaching, or possibly even our Inner Circle mentorship program. Click on the buttons below to discover more as you decide which path to walk forward on…

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is NeuroPersuasion™?

You were created with unlimited potential inside your mind… and when properly engaged and programmed, the conception inside of your mind can birth forth in your everyday walk in life and business. NeuroPersuasion is designed to lead a person into the ability to persuade themselves first, persuade others next, and then IMPACT their world…. possibly the world.

What Is The History of NeuroPersuasion™?

We use proven principles from neuroscience, which do include persuasion and behavioral models of hypnotherapy, a modified system of NLP, and temperament therapy. Ultimately, we reveal the most powerful systems of persuasion and influence, and we share with you EXACTLY how to use them in your life!

Who Hires Wayne?

Only those people who know deep within themselves that there is more to life… A person who is tired of looking for a secret here or there, exhausted exploring another ‘shiny-object’, and a person that is ready to discover the pinnacle of persuasion and mindset creation in order to reach their own goals.

How Do I Coach With You?

At this moment we have 2 options available, depending upon the client’s desire to discover and implement, and their financial ability. Currently, we have semi-private coaching, and based on limited spacing we offer an exclusive VIP program.

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