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Your Persuasion Coach

“Sales Pro Meets Tony Robbins” – Rome Batchelor

I was once asked by one of my mentors, ‘Have you ever met someone that seems to shift the atmosphere itself as soon as you discover them? It’s like they can peer right into your soul, and somehow as if by magic, can hand you the keys to what you truly desire?” “Have you ever met someone like that, Wayne?”

As my mentor asked me this question, it caught my attention… Yes, there are a lot of mentors and coaches today. I did not want to be ‘just another coach’… And if you, like me, understand that drive for excellence – you may begin to feel what I felt that day.

Excellence. Powerful. Persuasion. The words that he spoke were important, yet more important was the certainty I began to feel as I looked at my mentor.

“Teach me to be the best. Coach me, train me, and give me the secrets”, I asked of him.

And my journey began… Yes, I will share everything my mentor revealed to me. I will also reveal the powerful NeuroPersuasion system that I have created from the multitude of mentors and leaders that have influenced me and my students.

My name is Wayne Sutton, founder, and creator of NeuroPersuasion™, and I would like to share a little about myself so you can find yourself comfortable and excited about our work together.

Persuasion Is My Passion For YOU!

This may sound a little metaphysical to you, and that is perfectly fine… Yet, I truly believe that my calling in life, is to instruct and help others to achieve their inborn desires and dreams. Many people find themselves living a life of mediocrity to the point that their dreams and goals are washed away with a myriad of excuses and unconscious factors. This is simply not how one should live! As you follow my teachings, and as you apply them to your life, you will naturally begin to discover the power of persuasion inside your own unconscious mind, and then consciously as you see your dreams and goals literally manifest before you.

Imagine, being able to shift your mindset to attract the wealth and happiness that you desire, and the ability to persuade others on both a conscious and unconscious level. Persuasion is my passion and my calling – and your success is my highest desire for our journey together.

What You Can Expect


I simply believe that transformation begins within… and then you are able to transform those around you externally. Persuasion and influence follow certain patterns in the brain, and I am going to reveal to you THE persuasion code. More than simply reveal however, I am going to coach and mentor you as you consciously and yes, unconsciously, instill the process into your own mind. Join us while there are still opportunities in our group.

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