Effective Selling in a Tough Market

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Is there anything you can do to help yourself as well as your clients weather difficult economic times?

It’s not uncommon for business people to complain about tough times, but to feel powerless to do anything that will stimulate business in the short term. It is more important than ever for you to provide your prospects with value-added solutions during these challenging times.

Let’s examine a few…

1. Provide clear examples of how your solutions can help customers reduce expenses, increase sales, and improve profitability.

During tough economic times, customers need the benefits of your products and expertise more than ever. Managing their businesses with greater control and efficiency is essential if they want to survive. Competitiveness and efficiency are essential for customers. Always remember, they want results!

2. Request testimonials from your best customers.

Select customers who can provide testimonials about how your solutions helped them achieve their goals. Make a draft letter and send it to them for approval. One of the best ways for you to prove to a potential new client that you are able to deliver results is to provide a testimonial letter.

3. Make sure you ask your customers for referrals.

Please do not be shy about asking for their assistance if you have earned the right to do so. Be sure to tell them what happens when they provide you with a lead. Be sure to close the loop and keep your lead sources informed. Your lead source will appreciate your follow-up, and if one of the referrals turns into a sale, thank them – or if possible, compensate them. We actually pay a referral fee of 10% to our existing clients who refer new clients to us.

4. Follow up with the prospects who have said no to you in the past.

The world around us is changing every day, and with that, situations have changed as well. With these prospects, you need to start the sales cycle over again. Find out what they need and what you can do to assist them. Provide your prospects with a fresh outlook by telling them about the successes you’ve achieved for other companies.

5. Organize prospecting “Blitz Days.”

End of the month, beginning of the month, or any other ‘time frame’ that allows you a reason to reach out with special promotions, or ‘re-offers’ to past prospects like we mentioned above. Now, there is a unique strategy for this, and it changes based on your offer and your sales system. However, reaching out to others that have said no, or reaching out to brand new prospects, is a process.

Finally, keep your eyes on your numbers and stay focused on your projections and your team. Markets shift, yet people still make decisions to buy products and services every day. Today could be their day to purchase from you.

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