Creating A ‘New’​ Bucket To Make More Sales & Increase Your Revenue

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The unconscious mind is naturally drawn to what is ‘New’ – novelty is powerful.

We all like shiny new things, whether a new phone, new city, or new job. Our brains actually draw us to novelty. And, you can apply this reality to increase your revenue and cash flow, without having to consistently add new products or services.

If you allow me to spend just a few moments of ‘technical talk’, I will show you how to use this for your sales processes.

Ready to dive in?

Our midbrain contains a region called the substantia nigra/ventral segmental area (SN/VTA). This is essentially the major “novelty center” of the brain, which responds to novel stimuli. As a part of learning and memory, the SN/VTA is closely linked to the hippocampus and the amygdala. In addition to comparing stimuli against existing memories, the amygdala strengthens long-term memories associated with emotional stimuli.

In layman’s terms, your brain greatly desires what is new, and when your product or service is positioned as “new and different”, the unconscious mind is drawn toward doing business with you.

New. and, Different. In fact the world ‘different’ is a major shift in having people choose your product or service over that of the competition. I’ll explain the importance of this and why most sales professionals miss it when making an offer to prospects.

People make decisions whether to do business with you, or not, on an unconscious level first – then they either stay in that decision, or they move against that decision based on external situations. Most of the decisions a person will make are made unconsciously first, and then they modify that decision through other emotions or external situations.

So, here is how you can use this often overlooked fact to increase your closing numbers in the realm of sales. I call it the 2 buckets – the ‘bucket of failure’ and the ‘novelty bucket”.

Damien Stives works for an investment firm and is making proposals every single week to potential investors, most whom already have money set aside in other firms. Damien was struggling to get prospects to invest in the higher-risk investment opportunities, and since he was paid on commissions of the brokerage fees, he came to us for help in his sales process.

I reviewed three of his proposal calls, and even joined him on a live proposal to witness his presentation… and to discover why he was failing at reaching his projections.

I watched closely as the prospects seemed to become intrigued, even excited, and then shut down while pouring out objection after objection. Damien attempted over and over to overcome the objections, but in all 4 situations he failed to overcome and close the deal.

“Damien, they are placing you and your firm into a bucket of failure”, I responded, “and that’s why they are refusing to move their money to your firm.”

In your mind I want you to imagine a red bucket at the bottom of their feet, and looking into the bucket you see all of their past mistakes and failures. The investment that went bad, the money they lost in cryptocurrency, or any other financial decision that did not return a positive investment – it’s all in their unconscious mind, never forgotten.

So, even as they find themselves excited about the possibility of their return on investment, that emotion can trigger a memory of another moment in time that excitement led to a financial loss. This usually happens on an unconscious level, and then the client does not even know why they are ‘wanting’ to move forward, yet something ‘inside’ is holding hem back.

People make mistakes, and people have had people take advantage of them. Emotions can be evoked by these memories, and memories can be evoked by emotions.

Divorce – Bankruptcy – Bad Investments – Wasted Money – Fad Diets

People often will believe YOU, yet still have attached their decision to their internal bucket of failure. How do we overcome this?

We have to show them that our program is different, at least a portion of the program, and how the decisions they made in the past have nothing to do with this decision. This is the golden ticket to selling more and at higher price points.

First, we want people to see that our program is similar enough to elicit certainty (safety), and then different enough (novelty) to remove it from the old bucket of failure. This is done with guided language, and in my live training, you can also see how we use body language to help them do this on a whole new level.

For now, let’s look at the language of ‘bucket jumping’, moving their decisions to a new bucket where they have no internal unconscious objections.

“Obviously, there are other companies in the realm of sales training, and many of those companies have ideas and strategies that you may have attempted before… if appropriate, however, I would like to share with you how our program is not ‘better’, but truly different.”

“In the past, you may tried to lose weight with many diet programs, exercise programs, and maybe even pharmaceutical drugs. However, the reason they did not work is that none of those programs addressed the real issue of insulin resistance like our program does…”

When you share what they have tried, or at least the programs available, they get to place them in the old bucket of failure – been there and tried that… When you show how your program is not better – but different, then they can not associate it with failure yet, and it activates the novelty center of their brain. We create a new ‘bucket’ void of bad past decisions,

Your unique mechanism, and how you position the competition are key here, and when done properly you create a new opportunity that allows them to move. As a result, sales resistance is low, and intrigue is high.

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