The Tale of a Weird Hypnotist… and How It Changed My Sales Career.

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The unconscious mind looks for patterns, it searches for patterns based on past experiences, beliefs, and it does this faster than you could imagine – all behind the scenes.

The unconscious mind looks for patterns of safety, and when you are ‘linked’ to something that is known, safe, or powerful, then the same feelings are attached to you.

Wanna know another secret?

Since we have brought up two legends in the realm of hypnosis and life-changing systems, let us also bring up the unknown hypnotist from Raleigh, NC.

Now, it’s not that he is unknown as much as I truly forgot his name after two decades. Yet, I will never forget the valuable lessons that he shared with me after one of his mind-blowing performances.

During his presentation I watched in total awe and amazement as this funny talking (strong accent) thin man placed person after person into a trance and shifted their reality. I was watching people forget their own name, finding themselves ‘glued’ to the chair, and sharing personal information they should never share in a group of strangers!

At this point I had extensively studied neuro-linguistic programming, behavioral psychology, and hypnotherapy for years. But, at this moment I witnessed something nearly unbelievable for over 2 hours.

My straight-line to the hypnotist began the moment the show ended.  “Hello, I’m Wayne Sutton”, I said, reaching out my hand, “and if you’ll give me 10 minutes I’ll pay you very respectfully for your time.”

After shaking my hand, he agreed to step away from the noisy crowd and talk with me. The ten-minute coaching session I had requested actually went much longer in time, and the information that he gave to me was unbelievable. And yes, you will hear it ALL in this series.

“Dwayne, why do you want to learn to do what I do?”

Yes, he called me Dwayne instead of Wayne, but hey I can’t remember his name either now so it’s all fair.

I explained that I was on a mission to learn and apply the power of the mind, to better influence myself, and then others.

I spent quite a few moments sharing my heart and my dreams, and it became quite emotional at times. All the while, the hypnotist just kind of stared at me with confusion.

“Dwayne, I learned this skillset to make a lot of money and meet some hot women”, he laughed, “It sounds like you have much bigger goals, so let me share a few thoughts that may help you.”

Now among all of the many lessons that he shared with me, I want to share one of the most important lessons here and we will unpack the other secrets through our journey together.

First, he began sharing how authority opens the door to influence.  And then after the crowd of the bar diminished he actually showed me how true influence begins… inside of our own mind.

“Dwayne, what a person expects to occur, usually does”, he laughed.

Then with eyes that pierced my soul he smiled just a little whispering, “the key is to inspire and lead what they expect to happen!”

The bar napkin I had snatched up was full of notes so I used the back of an ATM receipt to continue writing out his thoughts.

Welcome to the edited version, along with the experience of counseling, coaching, and persuading thousands of people since that evening in Raleigh.

“Whether by a mysterious law of attraction, or a distorted viewpoint of actual reality, people usually obtain exactly what they expect in life.” – author

The first 3 topics on the back of the napkin were as follows…

Excerpt from our upcoming book, “The Secrets of Instant Rapport”.

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