The NSA Will Help You Sell More & Sell Faster… Here’s How

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Now, we are not talking about the Nation Security Agency…

The NSA we are going to implement stands for Next Step Always!

Sales start to slow down for a number of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that clear next steps are not clearly defined. When it comes to closing sales faster, you will need to become absolutely obsessed with the next steps. In other words, you can’t sleep at night if you don’t schedule the next step after that last meeting.

By prioritizing the next steps and scheduling them in every sales meeting or conversation, you’ll be able to manage sales far more effectively.

You can make a huge mistake in sales if you make a proposal to a prospect and then plan to “reconnect in a couple of months”. Scheduling appointments on the calendar should be the norm. Be obsessive about asking every prospect, “Do you have your calendar in front of you?” before ending any sales conversation.

When you are on the phone, on Zoom, or face-to-face with the prospect, always schedule that next step and send out a calendar invite right then and there. Be obsessed with the next steps at all times.

Those are the things that will hold the deal together. In addition, it will shorten your sales cycle, allowing you to close the sale more quickly.

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