How Sales Team Recruitment & Training Can Massively Scale Your Business…

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Your sales team will either scale your business, or the sales team can severely cripple, if not annihilate your business. And the biggest question is, should you hire anyone at all, who should you have, and what metrics should determine if you are actually producing the results that your company can use to scale?

A sales team that is properly trained, with the rot leadership and management will prove to be one of the most important, if not the most important part of your organization. Sadly, most people have never taken a truly scientific approach to how the sales team is created, managed, and trained.

Danielle is a business coach in San Antonio, spending most of her time trying to sell her core offer, instead of carving out the appropriate time to provide the core offer. Spending four, five, or even six hours daily on the phone prospecting and talking to prospects about enrolling in her program took a real toll on her business.

She quickly discovered that she was not able to fully serve the prospect, and she was even less likely to be able to serve the clients that she had enrolled. “Wayne, I feel like a hypocrite”, she shared, “I teach people to reach out and ask for help, but here I am attempting to do it all myself.”

A vast majority of small businesses either fail to hire a sales team soon enough, or they hire a team that is not performing properly. This is one of the biggest reasons that companies fail in business, and the issue can be solved fairly simply.

First of all, we recognize that the time talking to prospects was the main constraint on Danielle’s business, so we needed to remove that constraint. After spending some time with her and recognizing her main coffer and her lead generation process, we were able to make a few tweaks on the marketing side, but most importantly we were able to provide her with an appointment setter, and a veteran sales professional that could quickly learn her process and begin enrollment into Danielle’s program.

Now, Danielle also had to carve out every day to lead and manage the appointment setter and the sales professional, but it still freed up 3 to 4 hours every day because it removed Danielle from the sales process. This allowed her to truly implement all of the knowledge that she healed into her clients, and it gave her not only a better client experience, but it truly freed up her stress levels, while increasing her profits massively.

We were able to help Danielle increase her profitability by more than 82% in less than 90 days while freeing up several hours of her time each day. Also, now that she has the proven framework, she can reliably scale her business and profits each year.

Danielle is not alone.

We see people all too often that do not hire in time, or hire improperly… Doing a simple search on a local job website is usually not enough. Yes, you may find the needle in the haystack… But in most cases, the quality of the candidate is not going to suffice.

As well, when you do have a quality sales professional in your corner, there still has to be the proper expectations of management, reporting, and proper training to maximize the efficiency of the sales team.

Danielle is one of over 500 clients we have helped staff they are sales professionals, train their sales teams, and help the owners actually set up proper management and tracking processes.

What are you doing in your business to ensure that you have the proper sales team and what steps are you taking to maximize their efficiency, so that your business can actually scale?

Now, before you go out in her team, first things first… Have a professional take a close look at your sales and marketing process, and your current team, and make recommendations on whom you need to hire, and whom you do not need to pursue.

The insights will prove invaluable!

If you are not opposed to a 30-minute complimentary consultation, to see if we could possibly help you, simply reach out. Go to

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