When Your Online Persona Is Not Authentic – Wayne Sutton

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Is It Bad To Use Persuasion?

Sometimes we think about persuasion as being evil and manipulative and it definitely can be but it also can be very loving and caring and helpful.

I always tell people if you could just take whatever beliefs they have right now around influence and persuasion and just temporarily push those aside and suspend them.

We’re programmed from youth as to what to believe.

What to expect, what’s good, what’s bad and then we try to carve our own path through life but we’re doing it with all of this baggage.

Deprogramming Your Beliefs

All of these beliefs that sometimes can help us but many times holds us back.

So we have to kind of get a clean slate and see “why do I believe what I believe”. 

Is this helping me achieve my purpose and destiny?

I try to help people truly determine where they want to be in life and see what’s holding them back.

Too many people are looking for the next silver bullet and we all want to gain the edge in life but we have to look at what’s already holding us back or it can be like we’re trying to get up a mountain with a 500 pound backpack.

Real influence is influencing ourselves first before we go out there and try to influence others.

When Your Online Persona Is Not Authentic?

I work with one gentleman that came to me and he said, “Wayne I wanna create an ebook and I wanna sell this ebook”. 

He said I’m gonna create this book that’s going to help men in relationships. For example, how to date, how to be a great husband, how to have great sex.

It was just like one book to solve every man’s problems.

I Asked Him Why Do You Want To Do This?

He’s always looking at the money he could make. He could sell so many books and then he could offer coaching packages and he had this great program but when we got into the,  “why does that really matter”, he started choking up about it and it sounded like he was going to cry over the phone.

He said Wayne “I’m not the man that I’m trying to portray in this book, I have problems, I’m insecure, I fight my own sexuality, I don’t understand how to be.

So he was he was trying to put on a facade to overcome his own insecurities.

What we did was find out what’s important to him really work on his own identity helping him find himself and being comfortable with himself and from that he said wait I have no care to write that book.

That book was a way to just validate myself now luckily we found that out before we spent tens of thousands of dollars in marketing and publishing.

 He ended up going in a completely different direction and built a great career.

2 thoughts on “When Your Online Persona Is Not Authentic – Wayne Sutton”

  1. Kudos Wayne, great post. Real progress in biz or health & fitness, must start with deeper foundation work. This means no BS, but real honesty to define one’s motives, obstacles, desires, fears and only then set goals and action plans. Most fail a new goals b/c they skip the deeper foundation work.

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