This Is Why YOU Are Not Selling…

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You either sale the prospect on your product or service, or they sell you on their limited beliefs.

Now, when you are attempting to sell your product or service to a prospect, and you hear the dreaded objections… You know, the objection that you have a hard time overcoming yourself, there’s more then what appears on the surface.

I invite you to take a close look at the following statement, and recognize the truth in this that is hardly ever taught in sales training.

Perception is projection. YOUR personal perception will be projected onto your prospects.

Your personal perception, your personal beliefs, and your personal baggage is projected unconsciously through YOUR actions and reactions… and yes, in your presentations and your attempts to overcome their objections.

I was working with a friend that happened to live here locally, so we met over a cappuccino to discuss his lackluster sales ability. Although he was very charismatic and had great communication skills, he was not hitting his sales projections. Through his language and even his body language, I picked up one serious issue in some of his sales calls.

Tommy shifted, ever so slightly, in both his physiology and speech patterns every time he brought up the investment to the prospect. Anytime there was a mention of the cost or investment to work with Tommy’s firm, you could notice a small shift in his presentation. The small shift became much more evident when there was an actual objection from the prospect around the cost of his program. Once I noticed this, we looked at several other call recordings, and I began to clearly see a pattern.

“Tommy”, I asked, “how much have you personally spent on training yourself.”

This was really important since Tommy was selling a training package to potential clients. In our discussion I realize that Tommy had never spent more than $5,000 and a the cost of few airline tickets to attend some lower cost training programs for his own career. Yet, Tommy is now asking someone to spend in excess of $20,000 with his firm that he represents.

So, when a prospect mentioned that they thought the program was too expensive, did not fit in the budget, or that they simply could not afford it at this time, Tommy was actually the one being sold. He was buying their perception, because their objection matched his internal perception. He believed in his product, and he believed it could produce a great return on investment, but he was simply buying into their excuse, because of his own limited beliefs, around money and investments.

If you are buying their excuses, you are being sold on that limited beliefs. And, in most cases, it’s because of some limited believe that you have not dealt with yourself in your own business or personal life. Read that again.

“I can’t afford it…”

“I need to talk to my spouse first…”

“it’s simply over budget, and we cannot invest at this time…”

Ask yourself, what common objections are you receiving and what limited beliefs do you personally own that could be holding you back, that could be unconsciously projected during your presentation.

Here is an exercise that I do with my personal coaching clients, and I would recommend you do the same…

Grab a clean piece of paper and a great writing pen, and jot down your three or four most common objections. Leave some space between each objection, or maybe even write one objection on a separate piece of paper.

Next, ask yourself what believes that you personally hold, even if you do not consciously think of it immediately… what believes do you hold that could be causing you to buy into their excuses. What limiting beliefs do you need to personally overcome?

Once you begin to change your limiting beliefs, and overcome your own baggage, you will begin to project with congruency, and with leadership, the importance of your prodigal service, and you will naturally close more deals.

How do you overcome or shift these internal perceptions? Let’s connect, I would be happy to walk you through a proven process, to discover, and eliminate these limited believes in your sales career.

Do you need sales recruitment and training for yourself or your team? Let’s hop on a call and see how we can possibly help you…


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