The Persuasive Power of Confidence and Your Environment

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In this eye-opening episode featuring Wayne Sutton, you will discover the magic of influence and its connection to your confidence. Sutton discusses the power of confidence, its contagious nature, and its integral role in your personal and professional success. He explains how confidence builds trust, compliance, and authority, impacting all aspects of your life from business to leadership, and even politics.

We delve into the importance of self-discipline in fostering confidence. Sutton believes that the journey to boost confidence starts internally, working on your mindset and character to reflect on the external. He shed light on the struggle of change and the interaction between your conscious and unconscious mind during this daunting process.

The podcast also offers insights into the role of your environment in initiating change. Sutton shares personal anecdotes about changing his office, getting a new car, and even changing his clothing style to signal his brain that change is inevitable. He explains how these alterations help to prime the Reticular Activating System in your brain for accepting and facilitating change.

With a compelling discussion encompassing environment changes, new habits adoption, and personal discipline, Sutton sets the stage for the next level of influence and confidence. All these culminate in enabling listeners to build personal habits and discipline integral to their self-growth.

In this episode, Sutton invites listeners to take a closer look at their life, reflecting on their habits and behaviors to uncover areas that can be changed towards being more confident and influential. Tune in to learn how to influence yourself, influence others and impact the world.

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