The Language of Confidence

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Our brains are programmed by the language we use every day. We are able to control our lives and our destiny to a great extent when we master our language. In order to dramatically improve your quality of life, you must use language in the best way possible.

There is no doubt that even the smallest of words can have the greatest impact on our subconscious minds. Similar to a child, it does not understand the difference between what actually happens and what you imagine. Whether you do this knowingly or not, it is eager to please and willing to follow any commands that you give it.

  • Try: It is a small word yet it has an amazing impact upon us. If someone says, “I’ll try to do that” you know that they are not going to be putting their whole heart into it, and may not even do it at all. How often do you use the word try when talking about the things that matter to you? Do you say “I’ll try to be more confident” or “I’ll try to do that” or “I’ll try to call”? Think about something that you would like to achieve, and say it to yourself in two different ways. Firstly say, “I’ll try to …” and notice how you feel. Next say “I will do …” and see how you feel. The latter made you feel better than the first one didn’t it? It gives you a sense of determination; a feeling that it will be done. Listen to the people around you and when they say they will try to notice if it gets done or not. Eliminate the word try from your dictionary and see how your life improves.
  • Can’t: This is another small word with a big impact. It dis-empowers us, makes us feel weak and helpless, and damages our self-esteem. It limits our infinite abilities and stifles creativity. Rub it out from your internal dictionary and replace it with something that makes you feel great. Instead of saying you can’t, why not say something like “I choose …” or “I choose not to …”. Using words like this allows you to take back your power and to be in control of your life. 

It may seem that words are small and insignificant, but they can have a profound effect on us. Mastering your language gives you the power to live whatever life you desire. What words do you use a lot that dis-empower you? Make a list of words you commonly use and then write next to them some alternatives you can use. Make these alternative words that make you feel fabulous, not only about yourself, but about life and what you are doing!

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