The Damning Formula That Kills Success…. And How To Avoid It!

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Practice does not make perfect… If, you are consistently practicing the incorrect system or technique.

Incorrect Learning Sequence + Outdated Theory = An Endless Loop of Poor Results.

All too often we coach and consult with individuals that are very active in their pursuit of excellence, but their activity is on the wrong trajectory. Or, they are practicing in an attempt to perfect, the wrong techniques.

Years ago when I was ‘attempting to play golf with my son, I recognized really quickly that I had one powerful…. slice! I would hit the ball and it looked like a magical force was pulling it to the right mid-air… every single time!

Now, at first, I thought, just keep hitting it more and more… practice makes perfect, yes?

Nope. The more someone practices an incorrect technique, the more they are literally building neural pathways that are further hurting their chance of success.

First, discover what IS working, and how that differs from what you are currently doing. I had to learn how to hold the golf club before I could perfect my shot… I could have swung a million times improperly and nothing would improve.

When you can determine what you need to change or learn, then you can quickly PRACTICE properly and build the proper neural pathways.

Do you have a goal to succeed in an area that you have not yet achieved?

Are you practicing the wrong techniques and forming a damning cycle in your mind? Or, are you willing to discover the proper systems and techniques?

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