One Rule To Build Loyalty From Clients & Your Team!

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If your employees or team members have never been WOWED in their personal or professional lives, then you can’t expect them to WOW your clients.

 I am listening to “Never Lose A Customer” by Joey Coleman when he stated the above truth…

 I invite you to ask yourself, “Who in my team or organization do I expect to WOW others?”

Maybe it is you alone?

Are you expecting others to be wowed by you?

Is there a time in your life when your expectations were exceeded? A time where you felt like all the love and attention was upon you?

I once worked for an organization that truly understood this principle, and they made it a priority to go above and beyond for their employees… thus, the WOW factor was naturally relayed to the clients.

A celebratory phone call from the upper management leaders. A ‘lunch and learn’ where they sent a Grubhub meal, a zoom link, and an hour or so just to learn more about you and your goals. A box of gourmet cookies sent to your home… for your children, all personalized with their names on the cookies.

Small yet VERY memorable tokens of appreciation were shown with true empathy and care.

The more they showed their care for me and my family, the more I naturally wanted to go above and beyond for the company and their clients likewise!

Reward In Public. Correct In Private.

This Must Always Be Remembered.

I made mistakes while working for this organization. Everyone does at times, right? Yet all of the corrections from this company were done in private!

People make mistakes, people miss the mark at times, and yes there is a need for correction and discipline. This needs to be done in private – always. Never dishonor the person with correction along with embarrassment, or they will also dishonor and embarrass your clients.

Correct in private, always.

On the flip side of that coin, when possible give praise and accolades publicly where others can see the recognition. This public display of affection is good for the morale of the individual and organization, and it also is a lesson in how to treat clients and prospects. 

A team member will treat your clients in the way they have been taught, not told, to treat others. Leadership is your key in creating a culture where your team also creates a culture of serving your clients, and other team members, with excellence. 

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