My Voice Will Go With You… Covert Persuasion

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“Time cast it’s spell on you, but you won’t forget me. I’ll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you.”

In the lyrics of the iconic song “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac, legendary singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks shares what it feels like to love and to miss someone.

In some ways, though, this is an apt way to describe the power of rapport. Missing and thinking of someone isn’t just a theme for star-crossed lovers and it’s more than just the inspiration to great lyrics to breakup songs. There’s a sense of missing that rests even at the heart of the power of rapport. 

Right now, there’s someone in the world who’s thinking of you. Right now, in this moment, somewhere, someone is remembering you and the impact you made on their life. Chances are you may not even remember the words you used in your first, initial encounter. You may not even remember the discussion had. But rest assured they do. They haven’t forgotten. Your influence is still working within them. And somewhere, right now, your voice is still speaking to them.

The lingering effects of thought and suggestion cannot be overstated when speaking of the power of rapport. In fact, it’s in this arena of the mind and thought that we find what could very well be the most powerful element of influence of all.

The power of implanted thought – the thoughts implanted through the use of suggestion. You can say and do a lot without really saying or doing a lot.

This is the true secret of those who have gone on to fully master the power of rapport. 

What I see time and again is that in life, it’s the most influential people of all who are able to share and spread their influence without ever really doing very much. The same could be true for you when you learn to fully harness the innate power of influence that you have, as well.

Are you ready for your influence to take on a life all its own?

Are you ready to see just how far true influence can go?

Well, if so, I feel I should warn you first and offer to you this disclaimer. There’s a reason I’ve saved this most powerful secret for last. The reason is because it’s a secret reserved only for those who’ve decided to take their influence to the next level to bring about all that they truly desire. If you’ve read this far, I imagine you’re ready to unlock the most powerful secret of all. I’m talking about the power of implanted suggestion….

*from our upcoming book.

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