Mastering the ‘Say-Do’ Ratio for Better Influence!

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In this mind-opening episode, join renowned speaker Wayne Sutton as he explores the science-backed secret to wielding influence — the ‘Say-Do Ratio’. Discover why your capacity to persuade others is among the most potent tools you can harness, and how you can enhance your influence by building unwavering confidence within.

A core part of the discussion centers around the ‘Say-Do Ratio,’ which Wayne picked up from a mentor. This is a principle linked to personal integrity and self-belief, where you make a point to do what you say and refrain from making commitments that you cannot fulfill. Using examples from his own life, Wayne will show you how the ‘Say-Do Ratio’ plays a vital role in generating authentic self-confidence and earning the trust of others.

The podcast highlights the importance of holding oneself accountable to high ‘Say-Do’ standards. Learn why your unconscious mind is always keeping track of your actions, and how it affects your belief in yourself. Plus, understand how maintaining a sturdy ‘Say-Do Ratio’ can enhance your personal and professional life. By focusing on this critical aspect, you’ll not only augment your productivity but also your self-confidence and your influence over others.

Join us for this enlightening discussion that explores practical and ingenious ways to become a proficient ‘Say-Do’ practitioner, raise your internal and external authority, and leave a lasting positive impact on the world. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and motivation for anyone striving to influence people and make a difference. For more insights, visit

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