How to Stay ‘On’ and Be Productive

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In this episode, join Wayne Sutton as he delves into the topic of influence and the power of the mind. Through insightful perspective and real-life examples, he discusses how mindset, effort and faith play a vital role in driving personal and professional success. The question, “Are you on or are you off?” sets the tone for this thought-provoking conversation.

Wayne highlights the importance of staying ‘on’, maintaining your energy and keeping a positive attitude – things that can often determine the state of our minds and our levels of productivity. He believes that it’s not so much about being motivated but rather adopting a clear agenda and staying committed despite how we may feel.

This episode features valuable insights from the book, ‘Straight Line Leadership’, and the importance of creating a mindset that allows us to operate out of a fixed stance, regardless of our circumstances. Wayne emphasizes the significance of discipline and the ability to stick to our agenda, irrespective of our feelings or emotions.

Wayne encourages listeners to reflect on their productivity levels and evaluate whether they’re merely ‘going through the motions’ or truly being productive. He touches on valuable lessons on influencing oneself before influencing others and the critical role of integrity in these dynamics.

The episode also offers information on Sutton’s book, ‘The Secrets of Instant Rapport’ and an upcoming release on leadership. Evidently, this episode is a treasure trove of insightful takeaways that influence, productivity, commitment and valuable personal growth lessons.

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