How My Addiction To Success Has Saved My Life

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It all started with a desire to make a dream a reality.

The dreams has never died, the thoughts became an obsession, and I found myself an addict.

“What’s your drug of choice?”

I was volunteering at a drug rehab outreach here in Wilmington, NC where many addicts were attending, and I was responsible for helping with food, ministry oversight, and helping get the people home safely. The couple caught me off-guard with their question of drug choice, and it took me a moment to properly respond.

You see, my “addiction” is with success and prosperity, and it is a compulsion that may be hard to define, yet is undeniable and can a drug of choice for those who choose it.

I have helped many drug addicts in counseling and ministry, and I see the true need for more help in this area. In working with the addicts through several meetings, I found a portion of the people wanted help in finding freedom from their addictions, while others were simply looking for their next drug supplier.

Obsessed with being free or compelled to find the next fix in a deadly addiction — the compulsion was present in both cases, it was simply how the person reacted that fuel or starved their addictive nature that brought life or death.

Being asked about my drug of choice was an eye-opener for me, because although very grateful for not having a drug addiction, I also had to ask myself what was I compelled and drive towards every day of my life?

Without a goal to move forward in life many people find themselves moving backwards instead into areas of despair.

There is no neutral in life… you are either moving forward and advancing, or you are going backwards and will soon experience the pain of despair.

As I found myself volunteering with a number of addicts I saw that much like myself, they had a desire to succeed in life, it was just that their drug or alcohol addiction became their focus and therefore was hurting them instead of helping them to live a life of success.

I became an addict to success.

Success has many different meanings depending upon the person who is attempting to achieve it, and those on the outside observing what success looks like in their eyes. My personal definition of success has also evolved many times over the last few decades, yet it has always included moving TOWARDS a set of goals and dreams.

I became an addict of progress and fed my addiction with books, CD’s, mp3’s, videos… and any “success fix” or hack I could ingest. I still do…

So are you feeding a healthy compulsion or are you hoping life will hand you prosperity without your input?

My addiction to success costs me a lot of my money and time on training, retreats, and seminars. I spent countless hours hidden away behind earphones and in the depths of a book, highlighter in hand.

What did it cost me? Everything.

It costs me the money and time that many of my other friends used for not so positive ways…

I see so many people addicted to drugs, alcoholics, and chasing desires that are destructive. Without a desire for success beyond my recognizable means, I could have died a thousand deaths of despair as well. True compulsion can drive you to life or drive you to failure.

How to Become Addicted

I was not always an addict.

I in fact had been taught that if you were born poor then you die poor… life is hard… and people usually always suck! I was truly destined for a life of mediocrity at best, and most likely a life of poverty and destruction.

How did I become addicted, and how can you?

I tasted it.

One taste of success, not in my own life, but through the lives of others is what first sparked my addiction.

You have to read this book!

Look closely at this article…

Go with me to this seminar…

My friends were pushing their drug of success on me until I was hooked, and then I feed the desire myself through the next few decades.

Today before lunch, I have started reading another book, and gone through hours of video training while writing this article. I am hooked and plan on bringing other life addicts along for the ride of success!

I believe success is contagious, or at least the appetite is contagious, and the rest can be taught to those willing to move forward! Stay away from the alcohol and drug addictions and decide to prosper as you become addicted to life and the great possibilities that are available to you!

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