Creating DOUBT to Influence People and Drive Success?

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In this information-packed podcast, join Wayne Sutton as he unveils the power secrets of persuasion that are rooted in scientific principles and tested in practical life. Sutton illustrates that the strength of persuasion can be one of the most potent resources you could ever explore. He cites numerous methods of overcoming objections and prevailing adversities.

Through practical examples, Sutton talks about creating certainty and clarity in people’s desires and linking those aspirations to the services we offer. He argues that making people feel confident about us, our products, and our services will allow us to guide them towards their destination. When there is competition, Sutton suggests asking questions that induce uncertainty about competitors’ capability and experience, paving a pathway for considering an alternative course of action.

Sutton emphasises that while trying to differentiate oneself from competitors, the key isn’t to be ‘better,’ but to be ‘different’ and ‘novel’. He describes this as the allure of novelty and its irresistible call to our unconscious mind, recommending that this quality must be ethical and genuine.

Sutton then moves on to the power of asking the two potent questions, ‘How certain are you?’ and ‘Have you considered?’ By using these questions, you challenge people’s beliefs, inducing them to contemplate the topic at hand and steering them to your desired conclusion.

Sutton wraps up his discussion by underlining the reasons for his clients’ constant return, attributing this to a solid track record in maximizing sales efficiency, aiding people in making more money, influencing others, and pushing towards a passionate future.

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