Remove Fear From Your Prospects Easily With This…

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The one area that literally kills many sales presentations, is the hidden uncertainty that a prospect holds inside their mind, often never verbalized.

Also, remember that the reality that uncertainty is based on fear.

“Will this work for me?” “Is the process proven?” “What will my peers think if it doesn’t work?” “Is this really within my budget?”

Fear will always accompany uncertainty. Fear will destroy your sales. You can overcome fear by priming with…

So, you ready?

It is impossible to emotionally be in both fear and gratitude at the same time. Likewise, it is nearly impossible to emotionally be in a depressed state of mind, and gratitude at the same time. In my career as a licensed counselor I work with a lot of people going through many areas of struggle in their personal and business life. I recognized quickly that if we could begin our day, our our, even the next meeting, with gratitude it would help us stay out of negativity and the emotional state of gratitude also increased awareness and emotional intelligence.

So, how do we use this reality when we are working with prospects? Is it truly possible that we can remove fear, and lessen uncertainty, by gratitude? Absolutely.

One of my mentors, which has sold millions of dollars of services and products from public speaking advance, both in person and online, stated that one of his biggest secrets was sharing an emotional video, or movie clip, do you want his presentation that elicited an emotional state of gratitude. Once gratitude has been elicited, and the prospects naturally felt the emotion that comes with gratitude, their internal fears seem to simply dissolve away.

Now, the key is how do you add in an element of gratitude, such as a video clip, without it seem out of place? He would talk about people being at the right place, at the right time, and the power of resilience, and then he would show a video clip of Susan Boyle from her audition with Simon Cowell.

Although this is an older video, it still has an emotional pull, and because it matches the theme of his speech, he does not seem out of place, and still elicits a sense of gratitude or a sense of happiness..

Now, should you include the Susan Boyle interview in your presentation? Probably not if it does not align with your company or offer. Yet, my mentor uses it and has found unique ways through effective storytelling to make it work very well for them.

In his teachings, Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of priming. To begin your day with gratitude, you need to prime your mental and emotional states.

Gratitude and fear can not exist in the mind at the same time. Furthermore, each emotion releases certain chemicals in the brain that has a response in the body.

So, when you begin your presentation with, or include within your. presentation, a catalyst for gratitude, it naturally eradicates fear. When fear has been removed, then people can make decisions without the chemical drip that is holding them back.

Let’s imagine the following scenario: you’re watching TV late at night when you hear a crash outside. An intruder? Is it a tentacled alien?

“The nerves in your ears that translate sound are the first part of your nervous system,” That signal is relayed to the thalamus, a telephone switching station in your brain, and then directly to the amygdala, which releases neurotransmitters throughout the body — notably glutamate, essentially the chemical behind fear.

A fearful thing triggers glutamate release in the amygdala, which leads to a cascade of other reactions.

A reciprocal response comes from an area of the brain called the “periaqueductal gray,” a region deep within the ancient brain that controls two classic responses to fear: jumping and freezing. Sound familiar? As a result of the hypothalamus, the body responds to fight or flight situations by increasing heart rate, etc.

Cortisol and adrenaline are released by the adrenal glands in your torso when they receive a signal. During the fear response, glucose is released into the bloodstream — a power boost to get you moving – remember fight or flight!

Depending on the level of risk, the body regulates the response from these various systems to control whether we fight, freeze — or flee like scared little kids..

This is where ‘let me think about it’ or “I need to look at other options’, and other uncertainty based objections come from.

Sound far fetched? Nope. It’s how you were created, and the likelihood of someone taking our offer will matter based on if we ‘pitch’ during fear – or if we have primed gratitude.

When gratitude is expressed, what happens?

Well, in brevity – research has found that when we express gratitude, the brain releases a surge of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in many vital functions, including pleasure, reward, motivation, attention, and bodily movements. You experience a natural high from this surge of dopamine, which motivates you to repeat specific behaviors, including expressing gratitude even more.

In short, it helps you feel good—and research shows that when you feel good, you are more likely to spread your positivity to those you work, live, and play with. An online study found that showing gratitude promotes prosocial behavior, the kind of behavior that makes you endearing to others and inspires you to act for the greater good.

How do you add this to your sales presentation?

Take advantage of storytelling opportunities to introduce gratitude in your message through video, audio, or even your own words.

Provide gratitude, remove fear, and then demonstrate your offer as the obvious solution to their problem. Be creative and yet very strategic. Prime the presentation with gratitude before your pitch.

And feel free to share your thoughts in the comments for this article.

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